Who are we ?

SID Company Sarl is a company specialized in the sale and service of Excellence, representation and exclusive and non-exclusive distribution in several fields :

  • Agriculture :
    Tractors, soil preparation, seeding, treatment, fertilizer distribution, harvesting, storage, irrigation and pumping equipment, specific equipment for agriculture (cassava and peanut planting planter and other crops), etc.
  • Public works :
    Loader, digger, bulldozer, steamroller, special equipment (Dumper), paver, formwork machine, canal building machine, tarrying machine, etc.
  • Trucks :
    Small and large tonnages, trays, tipper, special equipment, concrete plant, for drilling, etc.
  • Energy :
    Solar and hydroelectric
  • Buildings :
    Agricultural and industrial prefabricated
  • Consulting and training :
    Technical and agronomy
  • Maintenance and after-sales service
  • Turnkey projects
  • Spare parts
  • Medical :
    Consumables and hospital equipment and materials
We represent, distribute and sell our various materials in agreement with all our partners

Our vision

To be a reference in the representation of our partners and the distribution of their brands in collaboration with all African governments, in their policy of international cooperation for modernization, urban, rural and sustainable development.

All this in the rules and respect the laws of international trade.

Bringing satisfaction to our partners / customers through our personalized services and Excellence by valuing the brands of our partners.

Our missions

  • Offer technical services of excellence to all our customers and partners.
  • Create a chain of distribution and sale of our products in Central Africa.
  • Cultivate innovative entrepreneurship in the long term.
  • Offer excellence before, during and after purchase of our products.
  • Accompany buyers and customers in assembling their equipment, training as well as after-sales service and spare parts.
  • Train and develop the adapted skills of the staff in the accompaniment and the personalized care of our customers.
  • To ensure consistency with our partners, delivering excellence in the field of agriculture, energy and new technologies corresponding to the needs of customers.
  • Participate in the government's sustainable development policy.

In short: We accompany any natural or legal person in need of excellence services, in normal or complex situations, in accordance with the rules and art, while considering the standards of its environment.

We coach and train professionals in the sector to respond to the existing problem in collaboration with our partners.

Our values

To fulfill its mission SID Company Sarl, is based on these values ​​and relies on its good relations of high level with the African governments, its Western partners and the skills of its collaborators.


  • Right to development
  • Respect for freedom of choice
  • Respect for cultural values
  • Security of people and infrastructures

Human relation

  • Cooperation and opportunities
  • Trust and commitment report
  • Valorization of contacts
  • Recognition of skills


  • Confidentiality
  • Negotiation
  • Right to information


  • Suitability of actions and resources
  • Interventions related to the mission and company policy


  • Access to new advanced technologies for all
  • Eco-responsible and individual freedom
  • R & D (Research and Development)


  • Satisfaction of partners / clients
  • Good governance
  • Loyalty
Our design is based on a long-term vision, values ​​the heritage and know-how of our partners. It stimulates our commitment to excellence. It is the engine of change towards the success of development.
Executive management